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Tuesday, June 25th 6-8:00 PM

Digital Literacy Workshop Series for Childcare Entrepreneurs

Elevate: New School Nutrition and Mental Wellness for a New Day

Join us for an immersive workshop that will unlock the power of digital technology and show you how to apply it to your childcare business effectively. This exclusive event is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age. Discover the innovative tools and strategies that can revolutionize the way you connect with parents, streamline your operations, and enhance the learning experience for the children in your care. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain a competitive edge and take your childcare business to new heights. Register now to secure your spot in this workshop and embark on a transformative journey towards success.

This workshop is a continuation of our training sessions held on March 23, 2024, and March 24, 2024. Dr. James Johnson and Jeanne Milliken Bonds will lead this session focused on enhancing school nutrition and mental wellness.

Please register before 6/5/2024

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Childcare Business Training Webinar and Workshop

We offer a variety of webinars, seminars, and interactive workshops that bring together professionals from different industries and backgrounds.

What you will experience

Connect with like minded professionals

By joining a community of professionals, you are opening yourself up to new strategies for growth, fresh ideas for innovation, and valuable resources for success.

Knowledge and skills to grow your business

To succeed, stay up to date with algorithms and best practices. Understand keyword research and use analytical tools. Learn link building activities and social media. Master these tactics to stay current with industry trends for success.

Develop meaningful relationships

Build relationships that result in collaborations and strategic partnerships which can take businesses from good to great.

What participants have to say about our events!

Janette Powell, Rhythmic Roost Preschool, Aspiring Childcare Entrepreneur

“The Built2Last workshop is providing us with some really important information that we need to know as childcare providers and aspiring childcare providers. The workshop is taking us through the process of what financial statements look like and how to best make those decisions that will positively impact our business, which we all know is important in running any type of business. So, I am most grateful to Built2Last for offering this opportunity.”

DeeDee Fields, Director and Early Education Specialist, Landeeingdam Dosland 5-Star Daycare

“I wanted to attend this workshop because I want to know the ways in which I can sustain my 31-year-old business in the current economy. What I am learning right now is that there is a huge difference between an accountant and a tax professional. I am finding out better ways to balance between the business and my personal goals and being able to continue this training for my business into the future.”

June Shilito, Executive Director, Yates Baptist Church Child Development Center

“I believe in lifelong education. As administrators of a childcare program, it is important that we learn everything we can about running a successful business. Although I have been director of the Center for over 20 years, I have only had training in certain areas but never on the business side. It is so important that we learn how to handle or manage our childcare businesses, financial practices, and staff recruitment—areas in which childcare providers never receive training. It is so hard to find good people who want to do this work. This is hugely beneficial, and I am really glad that I came.”

Yolandra Powell, CEO/Founder, Abundant Care Christian Daycare

“As a childcare coach, I wanted to make sure that I was gleaning and learning valuable information that I can share with my clients that I coach as well as myself. It is important that we have the tools to help us sustain our businesses. This training is so valuable. It provides a step-by-step process of how we prepare our business for growth and financial sustainability.”

Davesha McDonald, Owner and Director, Cocoa’s Curiosity Center 3

“I registered for this workshop series because I wanted to learn more about the business side of childcare. I have been in childcare for 22 years and never attended a workshop that focused on the business side of childcare. It was always the education or educator side. And I needed much more. So, this training is so beneficial. You learn from the experience of other people from other industries like what is needed financially and otherwise to keep growing as a small business. We are also networking during this two-day workshop as childcare providers—something that we never do or have never, ever done. And it is such a peaceful and fun-filled environment in which we are learning such valuable information.”

Danita Caldwell, Founder/CEO, The Children’s Room LLC

“I came to learn more about the business aspect of childcare business. It has really been beneficial to me to learn about profit and loss, different revenue streams, and how to launch and sustain my business. Right now, a lot of childcare businesses are closing because of the structure, and it is really not designed for women to make a profit. So, it is very beneficial. Most of the people in this business are women who are parents. So, if we are living in poverty, so are our children. It is past time for us to raise the standard of our business side. These are some of the reasons why this has been so beneficial for me to attend this workshop.”

Theresa Johnson, Owner/Director, Ark Learning Center Overview of the Training that Began on March 23, 2024 and the Comprehensive Train

“We are a preschool and we are excited about the opportunity to be a part of this workshop. I am gaining so much knowledge of how to set up the preschool financially to be able to receive grants and I am truly glad for this opportunity. Not only is this workshop series equipping us to get our finances in order but to have them in order so that we can apply for grants and other much-needed funding. I am excited and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity that will help my preschool grow and provide a place for young people to come and learn in an effort to prepare for their future.”


Are you looking for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our upcoming Built2Last event?

How do I sign up for the event?

You can sign up by clicking any of the “Sign Up” buttons on this page or contact Jessica Nelson at Built2Last. jnelson@built2lastinnovationslab.org

When will the webinar take place?

Tuesday, April 23th 2024
7-8:30 PM.

Is there a cost associated with joining this event?

No. However, registration is required. RSVP for the webinar by April 19th.

Will there be opportunities to ask questions during the webinar?

Not during the webinar. However, there will be an open forum Q&A during the workshop.

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