Bull City Durham Collaborative Programs and Activities

Collaborative Programs

Financial Wellness Empowerment Mentoring Program

This program is for prequalified small-, minority-, and women- owned businesses and select financial and philanthropic institutions.   The financial and philanthropic institution’s designees mentor historically underrepresented businesses that participant in the program, offer financial literacy workshops as well as one-on-one meetings, and identify funding opportunities.


Youth Worker Development

Youth Development Training Program

This comprehensive training program is the result of a collaboration between the Built2Last Bull City Durham Collaborative’s Education Committee, area universities, community college and the public school system. Participants in the program are between the ages of 16 and 25. The program has a comprehensive curriculum and training that includes on-the-job coaching, mentoring, job shadowing, and a focus on technical and soft skills training.

Community Resource Database

Developed by the Bull City Durham Collaborative Community Engagement Committee, this comprehensive database, once fully completed, will provide the community with a central location that one can go to find out what resources are available and how to secure those resources.

Small Business Networking Events

Professional Small Business Networking Events

The Built2Last Bull City Durham Collaborative’s Small Business Committee hosts a series of small business networking events and forums. This business networking with like-minded individuals focus on how historically underrepresented businesses can take their small businesses to the next level. There is a fee for participants.

Collaborative Activities

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Our Overall Mission

Built2Last works to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial and business ecosystem in Durham, with an emphasis on women and underrepresented minorities, and assist individuals in marginalized communities to gain the skills and experience needed to fully participate in economic prosperity.

Durham Built2Last Innovations Lab, Inc. values equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its dimensions. As part of our mission, we welcome all voices to add their perspectives on how we can ensure that our community remains diverse. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion strengthens our voice as a community while elevating our ability to eliminate economic disparities.