Bull City Enterprise Training Center

The Bull City Enterprise Training Center will provide online and in person learning programs and certifications designed to empower and educate small business owners at every step of the way with a special focus on target sectors needed and/or growing in Durham. Assisting HUB is the core of “Built2Last.” Our professional team works with you to develop and grow your business via training and learning strategies aligned with your goals.”
  • The Bull City Enterprise Training Center has a dedicated customer success team, comprised of strategic partners, that allow us to build important long-term strategies in an effort to develop and grow your business.

Stay Current

Built2Last offers new, relevant courses on rapidly changing business-related topics for entrepreneurs at various stages of business implementation.

Flexible Learning Programs – Learn what you need and when you need with courses that focus on in-demand skills. We offer a variety of courses on a wide range of topics.

Financial Empowerment

Built2Last offers courses on the latest finance and accounting topics.

Empower CEOs to Make an Impact

Built2Last offers courses on key leadership skills that business owners need to lead change and make that change permanent.


Built2Last prepares business owners with newest technology and IT trends. Instructors also teach business owners how to interpret and apply data, and leverage emerging technology.

Leaders Programs

Built2Last provides a cohort-based program for business owners and their senior- and mid-level personnel.

Invest in the Development and Growth of Your Business

We will work with you to build and grow your business through customized courses and technical training assistance.

Additional Information

Discover what the Bull City Enterprise Training Center can do for you.

Navigate Change

Learn how to pivot your business strategy if it becomes necessary.

Align Training With Your Business Outcomes

We offer courses, certifications, training sessions, networking events, custom-built workshops and program consulting for both startups, established and encore businesses.

We provide evidence-based research and resources to assist you with improving the efficacy of your business.

Our courses help you to gain a competitive advantage as you learn how to be innovative, navigate change and equip CEOs and staff with the skills needed to keep your small business ahead of competitors.

Built2Last Bull City Enterprise Training Center offers a wide range of courses and technical assistance that is customized for each small-, minority- and women- owned business leaders. For a comprehensive listing of our courses and technical assistance programs, please request one of our brochures in electronic format.

411 West Chapel Hill Street
Suite 10
P. O. Box 12886
Durham, NC 27701

Office: (919) 998-9747

Our Overall Mission

Built2Last works to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial and business ecosystem in Durham, with an emphasis on women and underrepresented minorities, and assist individuals in marginalized communities to gain the skills and experience needed to fully participate in economic prosperity.

Durham Built2Last Innovations Lab, Inc. values equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its dimensions. As part of our mission, we welcome all voices to add their perspectives on how we can ensure that our community remains diverse. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion strengthens our voice as a community while elevating our ability to eliminate economic disparities.