​Sandeep Chauhan is co-Founder and CEO of Intelligaia-UX Design and Consulting firm based out of the Research Triangle Park.  The firm also has locations in India and San Jose, California.

Intelligaia uses human-centered design to help businesses create products.  Its leadership provides design strategy and management and execution capabilities for businesses.  The company helps enterprises innovate faster and better.  It is a design and  innovation company that can: (1) identify the most impactful user problems to reduce user risks; (2) create human-centered design with data science to align customer experience with business outcomes; and (3) improve a business’ sales and profitability and enhance KPIs and brand Energy.

One of Intelligaia’s special areas of expertise is bridging gaps between creative visualizers and their technical partners.  To achieve a delightful user experience the programming team usually needs complete specifications of user flows, mockups, visual designs, UX control toolkits, html, and CSS.

Prior to starting Intelligaia, Mr. Chauhan was a Managing Partner with 3BD Interactive, another firm committed to assisting firms by simplifying their problems with designs.  He also has extensive experience in working as a part of global product development teams.  He has spent the last 22 years in this field of work.

Mr. Chauhan earned a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Comm) degree in Business Administration and Management from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (Indore University) and a Master’s degree in Management from the same university.