Sara VanLear is a lead analyst at RTI with 10 years of experience in economic development research.  She collaborates with domestic and international clients to evaluate economic development initiatives and to determine equitable and actionable recommendations for regional and national strategies.  Ms. VanLear develops inclusive growth metrics, assesses the exchange between public and private institutions, determines critical industry and workforce trends, and identifies key areas of need for shared progress.

Ms. VanLear has expertise in the following areas:  economic development; regional and community development; strategic planning and impact evaluations; and equity, public-private partnerships, and workforce and industry trends.

Ms. VanLear has co-authored several articles in Scholarly Report.  Some of the articles are:  “Southern Small City Resilience; “Impacts of COVID-19 on issues and industries central to an innovation corridor’s success;” and “”A Blueprint for Building an Innovation Corridor.”

Ms. VanLear earned an A.A. from Dabney S. Lancaster Community College; a B.A. from the College of William and Mary; and a M.A., in City and Regional Planning, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Ms. VanLear is the chair of the Corporate Committee’s Supply Chain Management Subcommittee.