Durham Compact Board

About Built2Last

Built2Last is a government entity comprised of an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—the Built2Last Innovation Lab—to house the core elements of the Built2Last Roadmap. The Innovation Lab, which has a Board of Directors, consists of the following units: Bull City Enterprise Training Center, Bull City Equitable Development Fund, and an Administrative Support and Contractual Services department. An Executive Director provides oversight of the Innovation Lab and the Chief Equity Officer works with Durham’s key stakeholders to develop and provide oversight of a City- and business- specific sustainability scorecard for inclusive and equitable development and shared prosperity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

The City of Durham values equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its dimensions as evidenced, in part, by the recent establishment of an Office of Equity and Inclusion. As part of our mission, we welcome all community voices to add their perspectives on how we can ensure that our diverse community remains welcoming to all. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion strengthens our voice as a community while elevating our ability to eliminate economic disparities locally.

We are committed to identifying and using the economic, human, and material resources as well as financial tools available to us to close the wealth gap in Durham. The City has core values and performance metrics that demonstrate its commitment to inclusive and equitable development. It also has an effective supply chain management system that supports the growth and development of traditionally under-represented business enterprises—a major value add since minority-owned businesses are more likely to hire minority workers, especially those from poverty-stricken inner-city neighborhoods. Finally, the City promotes shared prosperity by investing in ventures that improve the living arrangements and overall quality of life of Durham’s working poor as well as other vulnerable populations.

Core Values

Our core values reflect both the City and County of Durham’s commitment to equity,
diversity, and inclusion. We value:

    • Diversity of ideas and people;
    • Engagement with business, academic, philanthropic, and civic communities
      throughout North Carolina and the world;
    • Stewardship of human, financial and physical resources committed to our care;
    • Equity, inclusion, and dignity for all;
    • Responsibility for each other’s success;
    • Positively impacting the lives of all Durham’s residents; and
    • Respect of our strategic alliances, constituents, and vendors.