Angela Liu is the Chief Operating Officer of Unity Web Agency, a woman-, queer- and disability-owned Certified B Corporation that creates inclusive websites for other positive mission-driven organizations.  She has an innate curiosity and love for solving team and operational business challenges in a way that honors the humanity of each person.  Part of her mission at Unity is to implement humane work management — an approach to managing work on an individual and team level by prioritizing the holistic wellness of team members beyond their professional endeavors.  To do so, Angela believes the success of any business hinges on consistent productivity, which requires work to be managed sustainably with respect to human capacities and an individual’s ability to comfortably provide for themselves.

Angela also loves teaching, mentoring and coaching others to fulfill their highest potential, supporting their ability to show up greater, personally and professionally. Her approach to servant leadership, growth and problem-solving further supports these efforts.
In addition to her role at Unity, Angela extends her expertise as a fractional COO through her independent venture, Ikaru Consulting. Here, she serves small businesses by infusing her operational acumen with supportive leadership that empowers small business owners to build and scale effective teams and businesses.
Angela’s professional skillset includes project management, capacity planning, and software and business consulting. She is equally at home navigating service operations, recruitment, training, and team development.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Angela is deeply engaged in community service, serving as the Secretary and chair of the Governance Committee on the board of EarthShare NC. Her academic journey saw her earn a B.S. in Industrial Engineering alongside a Certificate in Business Management from NC State University.
In her free time, Angela finds solace in nature through hiking expeditions while indulging in cherished childhood pastimes of computer gaming and shuffle skating.