Workshops, Courses and Training

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Business Development Accelerator:
Encore Entrepreneurs and Current / Aspiring Business Owners

Got the Juice?
Owning a Business
• Entrepreneurial Passion—The Litmus Test
• Organizational Types
• Ideation & Feasibility Plan Development
• How to write a Business Plan
• Reverse Pitch Competition
• Planning for a Healthy Business
Know Thyself & Others
Principles of Management
• Building a Successful Enterprise
• Executive Presence
• Human Resource Management & Business Continuity
• Leadership & Team Building
Seizing & Maintaining Opportunity
Marketing & Communications
• Marketing & Promotion
• Story Telling with Data
Getting Paid
• Impact Investing- Finding the Money
• Talk Like A Leader
• Co-opetition
• Competitive Bidding
Keeping the Benjamins!
Financial & Risk Management
• Financial Literacy
• Recording Keeping
• Managing Cash Flow
• Banking Services

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Child Care Accelerator

Given the childcare challenges that mothers with young children face in returning to work post-pandemic and the labor supply issues that child care business face, we will launch our workforce trades accelerator with a program specifically focused on creating a pipeline of well-trained and skilled childcare workers required to seed Chatham County’s childcare deserts with a cessible, affordable, and high quality child development centers. We will leverage the expertise of a cadre of Ph.D. trained child development experts who currently work with us on a similar initiative. They will provide culturally appropriate child development training in seven domains.
• Essentials in Quality Early Care
• Best Practices: Infant and Toddler Care
• Diversity and Inclusion in Child Care
• Health, Safety and Nutrition
• Professionalism and Quality Improvement
• Child Development and Learning
• Self-Care and Personal Resilience

Impact Investing

Leaning in to 2022: Investing to Sustain Workshop for Businesses and Communities

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Investing to Sustain Workshop: Communities Recovering from Impacts of Covid-19
This is a two session Zoom / workshop featuring UNC professors Jim Johnson and Jeanne Bonds. The workshop's Key takeaways are:

• Understand range of community development tools that promote equity and inclusion
• Appreciate the role of impacting investing for sustainable development, recovery from the effects of Covid-19 and other natural disasters and turbulence
• Basic awareness of diverse source of capital for community resiliency
• Motivation to meet equity challenges with innovative opportunities
• Applying Impact Investing to your community challenges

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Our Overall Mission

Built2Last works to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial and business ecosystem in Durham, with an emphasis on women and underrepresented minorities, and assist individuals in marginalized communities to gain the skills and experience needed to fully participate in economic prosperity.

Durham Built2Last Innovations Lab, Inc. values equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its dimensions. As part of our mission, we welcome all voices to add their perspectives on how we can ensure that our community remains diverse. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion strengthens our voice as a community while elevating our ability to eliminate economic disparities.